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Milsim Namsoft airsoft reenactment Bad Goat Airsoft

The goal of Bad Goat Airsoft is to provide historically authentic military simulation events to the Midwest through the use of airsoft and blank-fire weapons systems.


It's not airsoft, it's not reenactment, it's something else entirely... 

Our Principles:

We believe in a few guiding principles about what makes a good event. We hope you share and support us in this.​

  • The event is for everyone, Everyone has to work together for everyone's enjoyment. 

  • Safety first - Our events are designed to be realistically safe, from hydration to shooting your eye out.

  • Immersion is all - We expect all participants to dive into their role and immerse themselves in the scenario not just "play the game"

  • The setting is organic - If you don't find the enemy supply cache, we won't tell you where it is. You will get information from higher command, but it will always be in-game, with little to no "admin information or influence."


*This list isn't final, or perfect, so may evolve over time.*

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