Operation Red Storm 2020

Operation Red Storm is a two day immersive “what if reenactment” of the clash between NATO and the Warsaw Pact between 1980 and 1985 loosly based on the novel Red Storm Rising.
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@ Big Lake Tactical Wargames

Jun 13, 2020, 3:00 PM – Jun 14, 2020, 6:00 PM
Big Lake Tactical Wargames, 22698 191st St, Big Lake, MN 55309, USA

Before You Register

The Cold War has gone hot.  To most, the exact cause remains unclear.  News reports of a border clash between the two German states has led to an escalation of force that could not be stopped.  With both sides believing that quick military victory would yield favorable peace negotiations, nuclear armageddon has, so far, been averted.  This, however, has not stopped Warsaw Pact assault troops from crashing into West Germany.  Desperate in their mission to push on at any cost, they have left behind a shattered wake of NATO units.  If these defenders can survive behind enemy lines, they can destroy the Warsaw Pact supply lines and bring their attack to a halt.  But with Warsaw Pact reserves moving in to destroy these last pockets of resistance, the fate of both sides has become a matter of not just victory, but survival. 



General Rules and Requirements 

Safety First

While the event is specifically designed to be challenging, it should not be actually dangerous. Avoid activities that may result in excessive risk before carrying them out.

Team Leader, Squad Leaders and others in the Chain of Command have a responsibility for the safety of their troops. They must balance action with safety and the relative comfort of the players.


Follow the Intent

Military Simulation is about establishing a realistic simulation of combat that is safe for everyone to participate in. 

Bring everything you need to sustain yourself for the duration of the event. 

There will be no breaks, no trips to the staging area or car, no leaving the field for anything short of an emergency. 

If you need to eat? Do it in the field. Sleep? Do it in the field. 

Players found to be willfully violating the spirit of the event may be subject to sanctions up to and including ejection from the event.


Airsoft Weapon Rules

Rifle/SMG/Pistol (10ft engagement distance, Semi-Auto only)

  • 400 FPS with.20 for AEG.
  • 325 FPS with .30 for HPA/GBB.

DMR (50ft engagement distance Semi-Auto locked)

  • 450 FPS with .20 Semi-auto only AEG.
  • 360 FPS with .30 Semi-Auto HPA/GBB.

Sniper (100ft engagement distance bolt action only)

  • 500 FPS with .20 for spring bolt-action 
  • 405 FPS with .30 for HPA/Gas powered bolt action.

Blank-fire Weapon Rules

Participants should do their best to react to fire from blank guns appropriately by taking cover, accepting obvious hits etc. Participants using blank guns should not expect other players to always take hits and should never “call out” anyone for not taking a hit.

If you wish to bring a blank fire weapon contact the Bad Goat Admin staff for approval. 


Magazine and reload restrictions 

  • Riflemen may carry any number of Mid-capacity or lower magazines. No Hi-cap mags.
  • Belt fed machine guns my fire from a hi-capacity box magazine. 
  • AEG type Magazines can only be reloaded at the player spawn point.
  • GBB and Blank fire magazines may be reloaded in the field either by hand or with a stripper clip. 

Hit Calling Policy

Call your hits!!! This is a hobby of honor and respect. We rely upon each and every player on the field to guarantee a great experience for everyone so every player must do their part.

Do not call out enemy players! If however, you see someone on your team get hit and they do not feel it, or call it, then let them know that they are hit.


When Hit

Yell out in pain and drop to the ground, display a red rag to indicate you are not in play. You may communicate any relevant information you can observe without moving but may not use your weapon. You will remain in your dead position until you are revived, or the battle has moved on. 



Each side will have a single re-supply/respawn point and utilize medic revive rules



The commanders from each faction will be issued a packet of envelopes with time stamps. At the given time the commander will open the orders and decide how to proceed. It is up to the commanders to track whether the mission was a success or failure.   



Chain of Command(CoC)

Instructions and orders will passed down the chain of command. It is important to follow these instructions whenever possible, to preserve the spirit and enjoyment of the event for everyone, and to enable the success of your unit.


Medic and Respawn

Players may only receive medical aid if wearing a helmet or body armor. Everyone will have a bandage issued for the purpose of medic revives. Any player may medic any other player on the first hit. After the first revive players may be revived a 2nd time by the designated medic. 



These are the minimum uniform requirements for Red Storm 2020. 

The higher tier requirements for future events are linked at the bottom of each section for reference.   


USA US M81 Woodland BDU

Woodland patrol cap and/or appropriate M1 helmet.

ALICE gear with 2 ammo pouches and 1 canteen.

Any M16 variant without rails and with the carry handle afixed. 

USA Gold Standard



Solid tan/brown/Khaki uniform 

Soviet cap or steel helmet 

Set of soviet rubberized webbing with one ammo pouch and one canteen

Any AK devoid of aftermarket accessories such as rails and AR stock adapters.

USSR Gold Standard 


If you wish to attend the event as another Warsaw pact or NATO nation please contact the Bad Goat admin staff.


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