Age Restrictions:
These events are open to all participants aged 18+ or 15+ with signed parental waiver.


Basic Rules:

Players found to be willfully violating the spirit of the event may be subject to sanctions up to and including ejection from the event.

  • Bring everything you need to sustain yourself for the duration of the event including food, water and basic shelter. 

  • No breaks, no trips to the staging area or car, no leaving the field for anything short of an emergency. 

  • Meet the minimum uniform requirements for the event.

  • Call your hits!!! This is a hobby of honor and respect. We rely upon each and every player on the field to guarantee a great experience for everyone so every player must do their part.

  • Do not call out enemy players! If however, you see someone on your team get hit and they do not feel it, or call it, then let them know that they are hit.

  • Instructions and orders will passed down the chain of command. It is important to follow these instructions whenever possible, to preserve the spirit and enjoyment of the event for everyone, and to enable the success of your unit.


Players must have appropriate period correct weapons for the event.

Blank-fire Weapon Rules

Contact us for approval if you wish to bring a blank-fire weapon. 

Participants should do their best to react to fire from blank guns appropriately by taking cover, accepting obvious hits etc.


FPS rules for airsoft weapons:

Rifle/SMG/Pistol (10ft engagement distance)

  • 400 FPS with.20 for full-auto capable AEG. 

  • 325 FPS with .30 for full-auto capable HPA/GBB.


Marksmen (50ft engagement distance)

  • 450 FPS with .20 for AEG.

  • 365 FPS with .30 for HPA/Gas.


Sniper (100ft engagement distance)

  • 500 FPS with .20 for Spring or AEG. 

  • 405 FPS with .30 for HPA/Gas.


Magazines and Reloads: 

  • Riflemen may any number of Mid-capacity or lower magazines. No Hi-cap mags.

  • Belt fed machine guns may fire from a hi-capacity box magazine.

  • Magazine reloads may only be performed in the field in the presence of the appropriate ammo can. 

Prisoners of war:
POW taking is allowed at our events and encouraged. If your squad is almost wiped out and you find yourself being overrun feel free to surrender to enemy forces. You are representing a soldier just trying to fight for his country and go home to his loved ones. You may consent to a physical search or opt to simply give up all pertinent items. You will then be taken back to HQ and questioned by the CO and then returned to your faction.